What is a essential oil diffuser?

What is a essential oil diffuser?

A diffuser for essential oils is designed for evaporation of volatile aromatic liquids without heating them to aromatize rooms of various sizes.

How it works?

The principle of operation of this device is very simple. It is enough to pour a few drops of oil into its tank, and the air of your room will be filled with pleasant scents. Oils can be poured in a pure or diluted form with water, they evaporate themselves, and then promote rapid and efficient spraying (the unit is not just a sprayer applying a candle that literally burns useful ingredients). Sometimes, it also includes the build-in lighting, so you may use it as your night lamp.


What is it used for?

It is hard to succeed comfort at home or office without high-quality and beautiful textiles, comfortable and practical furniture, but, of course, a pleasant smell that creates the right atmosphere of relaxation or, on the contrary, vivacity and activity, improving mood. To create these interior fragrances, there are diffusers. Its stylish design will additionally decorate the interior.

Diffuser for essential oils

What are the advantages of diffusers?

Compared to other methods, these aromatizers of enclosed spaces are advantageous because they operate without heating, so evaporation takes place at room temperature. At the same time, oils are not destroyed by high temperature, preserving their natural composition. The device turns the essential oil into micro particles, which are stored in the air refreshing its natural flavors and destroying harmful microorganisms. That’s why there are no fire and smoke in room. In addition, the unit is designed for long-term work.

A light unobtrusive scents that fills the whole space at any time of the year, day and night, helps to switch from everyday problems and completely relax. The fragrance of essential oils and favorite perfume compositions creates harmony and comfort in the room, bathroom, office or salon.

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