Computer repair

Computer repair

Computer repair and maintenance is a mandatory task that you need to undertake on frequent basis to ensure that your computer is functioning efficiently and effectively. There are many computer repair technicians out there. However, getting the best computer repair service requires not just any other technician but highly skilled, experienced and proficient computer repair technicians. A highly skilled and proficient technician is one who has undergone some computer repair training either at certificate or diploma level. In addition to training, the respective technician ought to have had at least 3 years experience in a busy work environment to proficiently carry out computer repair and maintenance tasks independently. Other than the skills and expertise, a given technician needs to have sufficient tools to undertake comprehensive repair and maintenance work. Computer repair kit would include basic items such as dust blower, a set of screw drivers, electric tester, vamp meter, soldering gun, soldering iron, tweezers, CD cleaners, cathode ray oscilloscope and some spare components such as hard disk, DVD drive, computer screen, motherboard and others.

Any qualified professional technician would ensure that data backup has been done before undertaking any repair and maintenance of your computer. Data is very important and sensitive and any loss of it could seriously hinder your progress.  Most computer operating systems have backup features. However, to have secure data backup, you need to have offsite backup facilities. Some of these backup facilities could be provided by your technician, independent data handlers or cloud based systems. Specialist data handlers and cloud-based systems provide the most secure way of backing up your data since your data becomes highly encrypted such that even if it falls into wrong hands it would be virtually impossible to decipher. Furthermore, cloud-based systems have a cloning feature that allows data to be replicated and stored in other offsite across the globe such that when one data server breaks down the data can still be retrieved from other servers. You need not incur losses as a result of lost computer hours and accompanying labor hours just because your computer is under repair and maintenance.

It would be difficult to discover the cause of a computer problem without undertaking proper computer diagnosis. There are various computer diagnosis kits availed by computer manufacturers and software vendors that would do a comprehensive diagnosis. It is incumbent upon the computer repair technician to interpret the report generated by the computer diagnosis kit in order to understand the state of the computer before undertaking repairs and maintenance. One of the most important computer diagnosis equipment is the cathode ray oscilloscope. This oscilloscope presents diagnostic data in form of graphs which can be easily interpreted by a qualified repair technician to detect even the most passive computer malfunction.

Regular maintenance done by computer repair cannot be considered complete without dust blowing. Dust is the biggest contributor to computer breakdowns. Dust enters the computer through ventilations and other openings such as spaces on the mouse button, keyboard spaces, system unit spaces and monitor spaces. When dust accumulates on electronic components such as ICs, resistors, capacitors, transistors, inductors and others, it distorts the sensitivity of such components since dust traps heat. Worst still, when dust combines with moisture, it causes rusting and short-circuiting which burns sensitive components within your computer. The best way to keep off dust menace is to ensure that your computer is adequately covered when not in use and dust blowing is done at least once a week, especially in dry seasons when dust is a common phenomenon.

Anti-virus scanning and software upgrades are an integral part of computer repair.  Anti-virus scanning software is used by computer repair technician to detect malicious software. Such malicious software includes malware, spyware, worms, Trojans, key-loggers, dialers and root-kits among others. Malicious software can corrupt your data integrity, corrupt your programs or even steal sensitive information such as passwords. Most software are user-friendly when it comes to software installation can easily be done by you. However, there are certain other specialist software such as database software, programming software and network software that are much more complicated to install by an average user and hence would require the help of a qualified computer repair technician. Performance enhancement is the ultimate goal of software upgrades. In performance enhancement, the computer repair technician is expected to ensure that a given piece of software is not only performing to the optimum but also does not hinder other installed software from performing optimally. Therefore, the technician should be able to handle all compatibility issues to ensure that all the installed software work in synergy as a one complete unit to ensure that you get the maximum possible benefit out of your computer system.

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